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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you service my new car? Will it affect my warranty?

You can be rest assured that your warranty will be protected. Consumer law states new car franchise dealers cannot maintain a monopoly on ‘log book’ servicing. The vehicle must be serviced to manufacturer’s requirements by a licensed workshop with qualified staff using appropriate quality components. At Riverland Auto & 4WD we use computerised systems to provide us with manufacturers log book service schedules to ensure all recommended procedures are performed and followed so we can stamp your service book. Your new car warranty will be validated and protected. We also maintain a service history data base for your vehicle which enhances your re sale value.

I am looking at buying a used car; can you guys check it out for me?

Yes! We do carry out pre-purchase inspections and list any items we find in need of or are in future need of attention. We also have a very close inspection of any possible major structural repairs from previous accident or flood damage.

Do you work on Valiant’s?

We’re not sure why, but we get asked this question quite often. We have a passion for classic cars and are happy to work on your valiant or any classic car.

Can you work on European cars?

Yes, European manufacturers are the largest users of Bosch technologies and systems of which we are trained together with our diagnostic software to access systems puts us in an ideal position to work with European models.

Can you repair my tractor?

Yes, Tony has been a tractor nut for years! Just ask anyone who went to school with him. John is also a tractor enthusiast. We have the facilities to work with light tractors and commercials and even have a tractor dyno for performance testing.